Evening Meal Dates

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Our Community

Lopez Locavores began with the idea of serving communal Evening Meals at the Lopez School — a very simple idea that can generate deeply sustaining ideals. There is the immediate benefit of a robust and delicious meal at a modest price. We also strive to support a number of diverse and interlocking interests that enhance the health and well being of Lopez Island.

Providing a satisfying meal using as much locally grown food as possible allows us to appreciate the bounty of this season, in this place, and to appreciate and connect with the farmers who have produced it for us. We share Evening Meal recipes and practical preparation techniques at each meal and on this website to encourage our use and enjoyment of local produce and farm products. We also invite farmers, growers, retailers and restaurants who produce and sell local food to join our online Directory of Lopez Locavores.

Evening Meals at School was inspired by the Lopez School's Lopez Island Farm Education (L.I.F.E.) Program, which teaches students to grow and eat healthy, local food. We hope to showcase and promote this inspirational program and encourage community members to appreciate and become involved in this work. By gathering at the school we bring community into the educational institution and promote congenial interaction. In return for allowing us into their domain, the school kitchen staff will receive an improvement to their kitchen for each meal we prepare there. 

A community meal offers us the simple luxury of a respite from our own cooking and an opportunity for congregation, fellowship, or reflection at the quiet table. Join us in sharing the joy of local food with the whole community, thereby strengthening our local food system.